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Triwits Internship Program

Applications for our internship program are currently OPEN. CLICK HERE TO APPLY


Program Length: 10 weeks, full time

Start date: Open throughout the year.

End date: After 10 weeks of your joining.

Hours: 40 hours per week

Our paid 10-week internship program is open to current college juniors and seniors and will run from throughout the year at remote locations ( for marketing and sales) and at our office location(s).


Innovation happens here! You will learn from and work with the best and brightest in the industry on some of the most distinguished brands in the world. You’ll gain real world experience while positioning yourself as an integral part of a team and assist with driving innovation in an ever changing global market.


  • Applications must be submitted by filling this form.
  • On a rolling basis through, Talent Acquisition will follow up with applicants via email/ Telephony to confirm and ask for information that may include:
  • - Dates student expects to be available to interview.

    - Areas of interest.

    - Any samples of applicable projects student has worked or want to work on at another internship or in a class that they are proud of and would like to share with us.

  • If selected, you will be invited to take part in interviews. All interviews (first and second round) will take place on a rolling basis.
  • If the criteria are met, students will be selected for internship.
  • Our top performing interns have high potential of converting to future full time hires

    We have developed a regular practice of hiring interns, who have high potential to join our company.


    We host 30 interns in multiple capabilities including; Web Development, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Account Management, Sales & Marketing, Production, Strategy, Insights, Content writing, and Technology.

    Our interns gain valuable learning experiences during the course of our program. They receive an insider’s view of the wide range of opportunities that exist in the communications field.

    Interns have plenty of opportunities to network and learn from each other and leaders of our company, including our leadership team. In addition to weekly learning and social activities, our interns are divided into cross-department teams and assigned a group project, which they present to a committee at the end of the program. The teams receive developmental feedback from the committee, getting valuable insights into their work, while competing for a prize.

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